The Enactorate of Urabbaparcensia, colloquially the Urabbaparcensias or Urban Aparencias, officially Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited, is an intentional nation based in south-eastern Australia. Urabbaparcensians are the people of Urabbaparcensia, and are committed to advance humanity and the environment together through charitable work. Urabbaparcensia consists of one region, the Flandrensian Ecological County of New Eurabba in Ward B of Carrathool Shire, western New South Wales. There is one New Eurabban municipal district, the Campus of Rankins Springs, with two Urabbaparcensian sites or urabbaparcencias/new eurabbas; Urabba Street Reserve, Rankins Springs, and Promachos, Gunbar. In addition there is also a virtual realm of Urabbaparcensia, Urabbaland, which is inhabited by the Urabbalish. As a federally registered charitable company, the Enactorate's mission is to create and govern sustainable spaces for people, by people. The word urabbaparcensias is the plural of urabbaparcensia, a site comprising the territory of the Urabbaparcensian micronation. Urabbaparcensias is sometimes Urbanas Aparências or as aparências urbanas (urban appearances). A Urabbaparcensian’s ideal is to spread word of the Urabbaparcensias throughout the world. Name and adjective of Urabbaparcensia (formerly Urabba Parks) in various languages Urabbalish dictionary Urabbalish terms Term Definition Etymology Alternate spellings campus government the equivalent of local government in Urabba Parks Campus of Rankins Springs see Rankins Springs Campus of Rankin's Springs; Rankins' Springs control group an economic group of an entity and subsidiaries Corporate of or relating to the Corporate Government Demesne a part of Urabba Street Reserve not forming part of a jurisdictional division divisional of or relating to a jurisdictional division economic group a group of entities based on an economic relationship, such as control or significant influence enactor (pl. enactors) a working monarchical title lit. somebody who enacts enacteur enactorate a polity ruled by an enactor enactorial of or relating to an enactor enactorialism enactorialist enactorium enactress a female enactor enactrice, enaxtrix, enactorice, enactoress Eurabba a parish of the County of Bland, New South Wales Wiradjuri: a boggy creek Euraba, Eurabe, Euralba, Eurarba, Evrabba, Evaba, Murabba, Muraba, Urabba, Uralba, Uraba, Urana Flandrensian Ecological County of New Eurabba (formerly the Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba) see New Eurabba group unless otherwise specified, means a control group influence group an economic group of an entity and other entities of which the entity has control or significant influence jurisdictional division a jurisdiction forming part of Urabba Parks municipal district in Urabba Parks, a municipal district is an area of which has designated a campus government New Eurabba a region of Urabba Parks of which is affiliated with the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, an ecological micronation in Flanders (Belgium), having the area of Ward B of Carrathool Shire New Euraba, New Eurabe, New Euralba, New Eurarba, New Evrabba, New Evaba, New Murabba, New Muraba, New Urabba, New Uralba, New Uraba, New Urana Promachos a Urabbaparcensian site in Gunbar, Campus of Rankins Springs, New Eurabba region Rankins Springs a New Eurabban municipal district, constituting the whole of the region Rankin's Springs; Rankins' Springs region a constituent jurisdictional division of Urabba Parks, equivalent to an Australian state regional of or relating to a region territory a jurisdictional division of Urabba Parks, equivalent to an Australian territory Urabba 1. the locality comprising Urabba Street Reserve 2. the former name of the New Eurabba region Urabban (pl. Urabbans) of or relating to Urabba Urabbaparcensia Latin name of Urabba Parks VRABBAPARCENSIA, VRABAPARCENSIA, VRABBAPARKENSIA, VRABAPARKENSIA, URABBAPARCENCIA, URABAPARCENCIA, VRABBAPARCENCIA, VRABAPARCENCIA, URABAPARKENCIA, VRABBAPARKENCIA, VRABAPARKENCIA, Eurabbaparcensia, Eurabaparcensia, Urabaparcensia, Yourabbaparcensia, Yourabaparcensia, Aurabaparcensia, Eurabbaparcensia, Eurabbaparcencia, Eurabaparcencia, Eurabaparkensia, Eurabaparkencia, Urabaparkensia, Yourabbaparkensia, Yourabaparkensia, Aurabaparkensia Urabbaland the traditional homeland of Urabbaparcensia Urabaland, Eurabbaland, Yurabbaland, Jurabbaland, Iurabbaland, Eurabaland, Yurabaland, Jurabaland, Iurabaland, Urabba-Land, Uraba-Land, Eurabba-Land, Euraba-Land, Yuraba-Land, Juraba-Land, Iuraba-Land Urabbalish of or relating to Urabbaland Eurabbalish, Urabbish, Urabalish, Eurabalish, Urablish, Eurablish, Urabblish, Eurabblish, Yourabblish, Yourablish, Yurabblish, Yurablish, Eurabba-lish, Euraba-lish, Urabba-lish, Uraba-lish, Urabbalandian, Urabbalander, Eurabbalandian, Eurabbalander, Urabalandian, Urabalander, Eurabalandian, Eurabalander Urabba Parks Pty Ltd Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited A company limited by shares incorporated in the State of Victoria under the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth of Australia Australian Business Number 24 159 318 859 Urabba Parks Proprietary Ltd, Urabba Parks Pty Limited Urabba Parks Urabba Parks Pty Ltd and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Urabba Parkes, Uraba Parks, Eurabba Parks, Euraba Parks, Youraba Parks, Yoruba Parks, Uralba Parks, Urana Parks, Vrabba Parks, Vraba Parks, Iuraba Parks Urabba Street a street in Rankins Springs, New South Wales Urabbastrasse Urabba Street Reserve a Urabbaparcensian site in the Campus of Rankins Springs, New Eurabba region USR Urabbaparcensian of or relating to Urabba Parks Urabaparcensian, Eurabbaparcensian, Eurabaparcensian, Yourabbaparcensian, Yourabaparcensian, Yiorabaparcensian, Urabbaparkan, Uralbaparcensian, Urabaparcensian, Urabbaparksan Urabbaparcensians the people of Urabba Parks Urabbaparcensian English a variety of Australian English used in Urabba Parks Urabbaparcensiana items, people, places, flora, fauna and events of Urabbaparcensian origins Urabaparcensiana, Urabbaparcenciana, Urabaparkenciana, Urabaparkensiana, Urabbaparkenciana, Urabaparkenciana, Eurabbaparcensiana, Eurabbaparcenciana, Eurabbaparkensiana, Eurabbaparkenciana, VRABBAPARCENSIANA, Yourabbaparcensiana, Yourabaparcensiana, Yourabbaparkensiana, Yourabaparkensiana, Yourabbaparcenciana, Yourabaparcenciana, Yourabbaparcenciana, Yourabaparcenciana, Urabbaparcensianism Urabbaparcensian English words or phrases, or the culture of Urabba Parks generally Urabaparcensianism, Urabbaparcensism, Urabaparcensism, Urabaparcencianism, Urabbaparcencism, Urabaparcensianism, Urabbaparcensism, Urabaparcensism, Urabaparcencianism, Urabbaparcencism, Urabaparcencism, Eurabaparcensianism, Eurabbaparcensism, Eurabaparcensism, Eurabaparcencianism, Eurabbaparcencism, Eurabaparcensianism, Eurabbaparcensism, Eurabaparcensism, Eurabaparcencianism, Eurabbaparcencism, Eurabaparcencism, Vrabbaparcencianism, Vrabaparcensianism Urabbaparcense Neuter third-declension two-termination adjective for Urabba Parks Urabaparcense, Vrabbaparcense, Vrabaparcense, Urabbaparkense, Urabaparkense, Vrabbaparkense, Vrabaparkense, Urabbaparcensi Gendered third-declension two-termination adjective for Urabba Parks Urabaparcensi, Vrabbaparcensi, Vrabaparcensi, Vrabbaparkensi, Vrabaparkensi Urabbaparcensis Gendered third-declension two-termination adjective for Urabba Parks Urabaparcensis, Vrabbaparcensis, Vrabaparcensis, Vrabbaparkensis, Vrabaparkensis Urabbapolis is a proposed name for a capital locality of New Eurabba, which would comprise the parts of Urabba Street Reserve forming part of the New Eurabba region VRABBAPOLIS, VRABAPOLIS, VRABBAPOLI, VRABAPOLI, Urabbapol, Urabbapoli, Urabapolis, Urabapol, Urabapoli, Latin Etymology From urabbaparcēnsis (“Urabba Parks”) + a latinization of Ancient Greek -ία (-ía). Pronunciation (General) IPA: /ˈjʊərəbˌəpɑːsˈɛnsiə/, [URE-a-bə-pah-SS-en-ss-i-ah] (alternative) IPA: /ˈjʊrræbəpɑːrkˈɛnsiə/ [URE-a-bə-pahrk-EN-ss-i-ah] Proper noun Urabbaparcensia feminine singular (genitive Urabbaparcensiae); first declension(New Latin) Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited (a country in Australia) Declension First-declension noun, singular only. Case Singular Nominative Urabbaparcensia Vrabbaparcensia Genitive Urabbaparcensiae Vrabbaparcensiae Dative Urabbaparcensiae Vrabbaparcensiae Accusative Urabbaparcensiam Vrabbaparcensiam Ablative Urabbaparcensia Vrabbaparcensia Vocative Urabbaparcensia Vrabbaparcensia Third-declension two-termination adjective. Number Singular Plural Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter Nominative urabbaparcēnsis urabbaparcēnse urabbaparcēnsēs urabbaparcēnsia Genitive urabbaparcēnsis urabbaparcēnsium Dative urabbaparcēnsī urabbaparcēnsibus Accusative urabbaparcsem urabbaparcēnse urabbaparcēnsēsurabbaparcēnsīs urabbaparcēnsia Ablative urabbaparcēnsī urabbaparcēnsibus Vocative urabbaparcēnsis urabbaparcēnse urabbaparcēnsēs urabbaparcēnsia